Haunted West Virginia

This page is designed for quick access to the profiles for many of West Virginia's most haunted locations!  West Virginia ghost stories from every corner of the state are represented here; just find your region of interest, and click on one of the links below to be taken to the profile of your chosen site.  New haunted places throughout West Virginia and updated information on previously featured WV hauntings are added often, so please check back and see what's new at Theresa's Haunted History of the Tri-State.

The original purpose of Theresa's Haunted History was to provide the most accurate and comprehensive list of haunted locations and verified ghost stories throughout the state of West Virginia.  In addition to historical and paranormal profiles, I've also tried to include links to additional resources where applicable.  I encourage all who are interested to conduct their OWN research, and send me any corrections, updates, or new locations! As you know, this field is a dynamic one.  Not only do my skills as a researcher continue to grow over the years, so does my access to previously unavailable information. This collection of haunted places in West Virginia is an on-going project, which is constantly being updated and changed. Also, HPIR and Theresa's Haunted History do NOT condone trespassing.  Please be respectful and obey all laws and ordinances if choosing to visit these locations.

So have fun, and join me on a haunted trip around the Mountain State!

Metro Valley

Mid-Ohio Valley

Mountain Lakes

Northern Panhandle

New River/Greenbrier Valley

Mountaineer Country

Potomac Highlands

Eastern Panhandle

Have a WV ghost story or a haunted location you'd like to see featured here?  Send them to Theresa at theresarhps@yahoo.com!