Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weirton Medical Center, Weirton

The Weirton Medical Center is located in the northern part of the state.  Founded in 1953, the original hospital opened as Weirton General Hospital, and was located just north of town in the Weircrest area.  Although Weirton spans into both Hancock and Brooke Counties, I am told by a former employee that the medical center is actually on the Hancock County side.

By 1978, the need for a new facility was met when the late Michael Starvaggi, President of Starvaggi Industries, donated 20 acres of land along the WV/Ohio border.  Today, the Weirton Medical Center has expanded into a 23 acre campus with 238 beds.  It is a not-for-profit acute care center serving families in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia.

It also seems to serve the needs of several ghosts...

The hospital is home to a host of various paranormal activities, including objects moving on their own accord, electronic disturbances, including electronic equipment being turned on by itself, and people reportedly being touched, poked, and slapped by unseen hands.  Witnesses have also reported several apparitions, seen both on security cameras, and with the naked eye.  One such apparition is a younger female wearing a pink gown.  She is most often seen in Operating Rooms 5 and 6, but also in the surgery supply room. 

A second apparition is that of the "Whistling Man."  Seen in work boots, jeans, and a flannel shirt, this whistling apparition haunts the laundry area of the hospital, and is believed to be a former employee of the city dump, which sat on the land now occupied by the hospital.

Perhaps the most disturbing manifestation, however, is not of the apparitions, or even of the physical contact by the alleged entities...perhaps it comes from the EVP evidence collected in the morgue by a former security guard.  Armed with a tape recorder, a guard captured a voice clearly saying "Help."

Info as reported by Rob Denham to WVGhosts


  1. Thank you for referencing my story.---Rob Denham

  2. Where there any ghosts reported at the old Weirton General Hospital?

  3. I haven't personally come across any yet, but I'll take a look...and encourage anyone with any information to please share it here in the comments, or email me at theresarhps@yahoo.com. Thanks!