Monday, February 15, 2016

February Documentary Series

Better late than never, right? I realize that we're over halfway through the month, but I have yet to share with you all February's Facebook feature---Documentaries!

As you may already know, I tried a little something new in January. Each day at 2 pm, I posted a link to a YouTube video featuring a lecture, talk, or panel concerning some aspect of the paranormal. This January Lecture Series was meant to share my love of paranormal education. I wanted to share FREE resources for paranormal information and learning by bringing talks by a variety of speakers to people who might not otherwise be able to go see them in person.

It is my goal to really amp up the education factor on my Facebook page throughout 2016 and I've been searching for some interesting, yet fun, ways to accomplish this.

Unfortunately, the Lecture Series wasn't a huge hit, lol. Links to the various lectures didn't generate much conversation or receive many LIKES. However, I managed to get a lot out of it since I personally watched each lecture I posted. Therefore, I decided to expand on this idea of monthly educational videos, courtesy of YouTube, and chose to go with the sharing of documentaries for the month of February.

I am a HUGE fan of documentaries, especially historical and paranormal. They pretty much make up the majority of my television/movie watching and there are some excellent ones available for FREE viewing online. I had hoped that the documentary medium would be more exciting for people, and so far, the February Documentary Series has done okay. Curious to see what my documentary choices have been so far...or what's in store for the rest of the month? Then join me over at Theresa's Haunted History Facebook and let me know what YOUR top paranormal documentary picks are!  Also, stay tuned for the announcement as to what MARCH has in store for the monthly educational video series...I think it'll be a unique change of pace....