Book Reviews

Being an informed researcher means reading...lots and lots of reading!  This section of Theresa's Haunted History is designed to share with you some of the many paranormal non-fiction titles that come across my desk and my personal thoughts on them.

Most of the books reviewed will be of interest to the tri-state area, West Virginia in particular.  However, from time to time, I will be reviewing some of the more mainstream paranormal titles that grace the shelves of my personal library.  As I read around 50 paranormal titles a year, not including the science, psychology and West Virginia history books that I use in my research, please check back often for updates.

*Theresa's Note*
I have a particular fondness for well-written self-published or low distribution titles pertaining to West Virginia and tri-state haunted history.  If you are an author or publisher of such a work and would like to see it reviewed here on Theresa's Haunted History, please email me at:

Happy Reading!

Paranormal Chronicles, by Neal Parks
Ghost in the Mirror, by Leslie Rule
Oval Office Occult, by Brian Thomsen
Haunted U.S. Battlefields, by Mary Beth Crain
Appalachian Case Study, by Kyle Lovern
Haunting Sunshine, by Jack Powell
Strange But True, by Forrest Alford
Bear Hollow Tales, by Forrest Alford
Seeking Spirits, by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson
True Findings in the Appalachian Foothills, by Rev. Sindrake Vladnoburke
The Life and Times of a Paranormal Investigator, by Joe Clark
White Things: West Virginia's Weird White Monsters, by Kurt McCoy
A Ghostly Guide to West Virginia, by James Foster Robinson
Haunted Hospitality: The Ghostly History of the Lowe Hotel by Robin Bellamy
Ghosts of West Virginia, by Geoffrey Foster
True West Virginia Ghost Stories by Jonathan Moore
Haunted Charleston and Haunted West Virginia (ebooks) by Jeffrey Fisher
WV UFOs: Close Encounters in the Mountain State by Bob Teets
A Ghostly Tour of Harpers Ferry by Shirley Dougherty
Monsters and Ghosts of West Virginia by Erin Turner/Isaac McKinnon
Ghosts of Greenbrier County by Nancy Richmond,
Haunted Places in WV (ebook) by Steve Davis
Monsters of West Virginia by Rosemary E. Guiley
Dark Force by William "Bill" Bean
101 Ways to Find a Ghost by Melissa M. Ellis
Really Mysterious Pennsylvania by Stan Gordon
Night Stalks the Mansion by Constance Westbie and Harold Cameron
Chasing Graveyard Ghosts by Melba Goodwyn
Fireside Folklore, Vol. I by Sherri Brake
Haunted Route 66 by Richard Southall
Trucker Ghost Stories by Annie Wilder
A Haunted History of Columbus Ohio by Nellie Kampmann
Dry Fork Campfire Tales by Lee Allan Nelson
Booger Hole by Mary Lucinda Curry
Kentucky Spirits Undistilled by Lisa Westmoreland-Doherty
The Headless Horror: Strange and Ghostly Ohio Tales by Chris Woodyard
Real Wolfmen by Linda S. Godfrey
Paranormality by Prof. Richard Wiseman
The Travellers' Guide to Hell by Dana Facaros and Michael Pauls
Chasing Spirits by Nick Groff
Haunted Asylums, Prisons and Sanatoriums by Jamie Davis
Is Your House Haunted? by Debi Chestnut
Haunted Jersey Shore by Charles Stansfield, Jr.
Haunted Stuff by Stacey Graham
Haunted Lewisburg WV by Nancy Richmond, et. al.
Kentucky Book of the Dead by Keven McQueen
Haunted Louisville 2 by Robert Parker
Gateway Ghosts and Local Legends by Lori and Ron Coffey
Ghosts of Old Louisville by David Domine
The Pocket Guide to the Afterlife by Augusta Moore, et. al.
Haunted Harbor by Geordie Buxton and Ed Macy
American Monsters by Linda Godfrey
Ghostly Encounters: Confessions of a Paranormal Investigator by Cole and Robson
UFOs in Wartime by Mack Maloney
UFOs, JFK, and Elvis: Conspiracies You Don't Have to Be Crazy to Believe
Strange West Virginia Monsters by Michael Newton
Ghosts: A Natural History by Roger Clarke
Haunted Rock and Roll by Matthew Swayne
Raising the Dead by Chauncy W. Crandall IV, MD
Ghost Stories of Venice by Kim Cool
Lighthouse Ghosts by Norma Elizabeth and Bruce Roberts
Ghost Hunting Kentucky by Patti Starr
Southern Spirit Guide's Haunted Alabama by Lewis O. Powell IV
Scary Stories of Mammoth Cave by Colleen O'Connor Olson
Tracking the Stone Man by Dr. Russell L. Jones
Black Eyed Children by David Weatherly
The Little Book of the Paranormal by Rupert Matthews
Roswell: History, Haunts, and Legends by Dianna Avena
The Ghosts of London by Sean Mclachlan
Wild & Wonderful (And Paranormal) West Virginia by Denver Michaels
Ghosts from Our Past by Andrew Shaffer
The Chilling True, Terror of...The Black Eyed Kids by G. Michael Vasey
A History of Moonville, Ohio and a Collection of Its Haunting Tales
Haunted Journeys: Waverly Hills by Sarah French and Joe Knetter
West Virginia Ghost Stories, Legends, Haunts, and Folklore by Jannette Quackenbush
West Virginia's Dark Tourism by Tony Urban *NEW*

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