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Book Review: Trucker Ghost Stories

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Title: Trucker Ghost Stories and Other True Tales of Haunted Highways
Author: various; edited by Annie Wilder
Published: 2012 by TOR
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Truck drivers see a lot of crazy stuff while out zig-zagging across our country at all hours of night.  Some of that crazy stuff might even be paranormal...

In her third book, Annie Wilder has compiled a diverse selection of some of these crazy, paranormal encounters experienced by truck drivers.  Divided into four sections covering everything from ghost sightings,  UFO/alien encounters and even time slips, there are plenty of stories to keep you awake at night!  While some stories seem to be of a local legend variety, others are of a very personal nature, and more than a couple of truckers have had their lives saved by a ghostly intervention.

Years ago, I had read an encounter that a trucker posted online concerning a very weird road in Eastern West Virginia that was straight out of a Twilight Zone episode.  I was pleasantly surprised to this little slice of West Virginia paranormal lore included, especially since I've recently searched for that story to no avail.  However, I was kinda disappointed that not more tales from the Mountain State made the cut...I thought for sure that the tales of the WV Turnpike would be included, or the tale of the mysterious young man near the Jane Lew exit who committed suicide by stepping out in front of a truck and who is still trying to get home.

Nonetheless, this is a very interesting compendium of  ghost tales from the open road, and not all submissions come directly from the truck drivers themselves, making it an even more diverse selection of ghostly Americana.  With dozens of stories, each of varying lengths, this is the perfect book to pick up and read a little at a time...but I liked it so much I finished it in two sittings!

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