Haunted America

The tri-state, particularly West Virginia, is a hotbed of paranormal activity and supernatural folklore, and I can't help being a LITTLE biased given that I was born and raised here.  But...the rest of our country has some AWESOME haunted places as well! 

This section of the site is devoted to some of my favorite ghost stories and haunted hot spots around the USA.  Here, you'll find some of the country's most well known haunted locations that are featured over and over again on your favorite paranormal investigation shows.  You'll also find some completely obscure locations that have evaded radar up until this point.  More locations will be added until every state in the union is proudly represented in our compendium of United States ghostlore. 

Sit back and enjoy a paranormal road trip crossing the country and hitting some of the most haunted inns, restaurants, cemeteries, and even...tattoo parlors?...to be found in our great country!


Alabama Drish Mansion 
Alaska   Anchorage Hotel
Arizona  Red Feather at Spirit Canyon
Arkansas Rush-Gates House/St. Francis Co. Museum 
California   Linda Vista Hospital
Colorado  Emma Crawford's Ghost 
Connecticut  Harriet Beecher Stowe House 
Delaware Addy Sea Inn 
Florida  I-4 Dead Zone
Georgia Corpsewood Manor
Hawaii Manoa Falls Trail
Idaho  Harms Memorial Hospital 
Illinois   Old Town Tatu
Indiana  Bristol Opera House 
Iowa   Pottawattami County Jail
Kansas Brown Mansion
Louisana Curse of the Superdome
Maine  Wreck Island 
Maryland Kitty Knight House 
Massachusetts Joshua Ward House
Michigan   Halstead House
Minnesota  Greyhound Bus Museum
Mississippi  Cedar Grove Inn 
Missouri   Glore Psychiatric Museum
Montana  St. Charles Hall at Carroll College 
Nebraska  Hummel Park
Nevada  Dake House/Antiques Plus
New Hampshire  Margaritas Restaurant
New Jersey   Mount Holly Prison
New Mexico Carrie Tingley Children's Hospital 
New York  The Ackley's Haunted Nyack Home
North Carolina  Dana Auditorium at Guilford College
North Dakota Trollwood Park 
Oklahoma  The Purple Church
Oregon   SpeakEasy Restaurant
Pennsylvania  Mary Green Hall at Lebanon Valley College
Rhode Island Mercy Brown/Chestnut Hill Cemetery 
South Carolina The Gray Man of Pawley's Island
South Dakota   Orpheum Theater
Tennessee  St. Mary's Catholic Church 
Texas  Black Hope Horror
Utah  Old Lehi Hospital
Vermont Timothy Follett House
Virginia  Sutherlin Mansion
Washington  The REAL Rose Red House, Thornewood Castle
Washington, DC Demon Cat 
West Virginia
Wisconsin  Elk Lake Dam
Wyoming  St. Mark's Episcopal Church



Alaska   Boney Courthouse 
Arkansas Allen House 
California   Glen Tavern
Colorado  Masonic Cemetery 
Connecticut Sterling Opera House 
Delaware Catman's Grave 
Idaho  Coeur d'Alene KMart  
Illinois  Lincoln Park Zoo   
Maryland  Landon House
Mississippi  Deer Island 
Nevada  Las Vegas High School/Las Vegas Academy 
New Hampshire  
New Jersey   
New Mexico
New York  
North Carolina  Cowee Train Tunnel
Pennsylvania  Hershey Park, Hershey 
Rhode Island  St. Mary's Catholic Church 
South Carolina  St. Philip's Church Graveyard 
South Dakota   Pettigrew House and Museum 
Texas  Houston Zoo 
Vermont Bomoseen Lake 
Virginia  Shirley Plantation 
Washington  Carnation Cemetery 
Washington, DC  White House Attic
Wyoming  Ivy House Inn