Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Spectral History of Washington's Carnation Cemetery

The old Tolt Cemetery, commonly referred to as the Carnation Cemetery, is located in King County, Washington.  According to a local citizen named Isabel Jones, the cemetery dates back to 1905 when Frederick B. Bagwell donated the land which is now the northern section of the cemetery.  Bagwell headed up the cemetery association, which was entirely comprised of Masons.  However, the cemetery was open to everyone.  The following year, however, the International Order of Oddfellows started their own cemetery association and their own cemetery, located directly across the road, to the south of Tolt Cemetery.

Eventually, though, the two separate cemeteries would combine.  In 1957, the Oddfellows took control of the northern half, and it remained in their possession until the mid-1990s when the city officially took over.  Over the 2 acres of land that make up the Carnation Cemetery, there are several burials that pre-date the 1905 origin.  These burials were relocated from nearby Pleasant Hill Cemetery when the new cemetery was established.

Today, the Carnation Cemetery is still an active place---active with paranormal activity!  There are numerous mentions of this location being haunted, and it seems like each mention contains a different laundry list of strange and unusual activity experienced by visitors.  Here are just a few of the many things experienced in this historically haunted cemetery!

*Apparition of a woman in a white dress, sometimes accompanied by a young boy
*Visitors experiencing physical pain with no apparent cause
*Indistinguishable apparitions seen in the peripheral vision
*EVPs saying 'no' and 'help me'
*Shortness of breath
*Whispers and disembodied footsteps
*Feelings of being watched or not alone
*Movement of pinwheels on graves with no apparent wind or other cause

Investigation by Northwest Paranormal Investigations
Visit by Shawn and Rachelle

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