Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Following the Deer

One of the latest trends in 'paranormal photography' is the trail-cam capture photo and if you've been on any type of paranormal-related social media in the last year, you've probably come across this photo of a little girl, barefoot and in a nightgown, wandering through the forest while one deer cautiously glances at her, and another stares directly into the camera.  Why don't the deer run off? What is this child even doing out there in the first place? And, why does everything look so darn creepy?

Many have tried to say that the answer to those questions is simply that this little girl is a ghost! And hey, why not?  With all the other creepy trail-cam shots featuring 'ghosts,' including the one below of another ghostly little girl, that's a plausible explanation, right?

Well, like the other trail-cam shots I've analyzed on this blog, this one also falls into the non-paranormal category.  But, unlike those others, this one isn't a flat-out hoax, either!  It's actually a work of art!  The name of this particular shot is "runaway surveillance still 6" and is part of a 2012 photography series by Chicago-area artist, William Harper! This series features several different shots of the little girl among the deer, but the entire series, collectively known as following the deer feature a wide variety of somewhat strange woodland scenarios, including several adults frolicking in the forest nude. More information on William Harper and this series of photos, partially sponsored by the Illinois Art Council, can be found at the following link. *William Harper Photography*

Still the reigning ghost girl champ!

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