Friday, January 6, 2017

Book Review: Southern Spirit Guide's Haunted Alabama

Title: Southern Spirit Guide's Haunted Alabama: A Guide to Ghostlore, Legends and Haunted Places in the Heart of Dixie
Author: Lewis O. Powell, IV
Published by Southern Spirit Press (2015)
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I've been following Lewis' blog, The Southern Spirit Guide, for years and have always been so impressed with his ability to share interesting, yet accurate information, backed up by resources for additional research. I often find that when I'm searching for a haunted location in the south, his blog usually pops up! Understandably, I was thrilled when he published the book, The Southern Spirit Guide's Haunted Alabama.

I was even more thrilled when he offered me a copy! I began reading it immediately, and honestly, I cannot say enough good things about this book. It is a well-written and very thorough look at locations throughout the entire state of Alabama that have a reputation for being haunted. It's also a chunker---at 269 pages, it is PACKED with spooky stories, haunted locations, and creepy legends. That's a lotta bang for your buck.

One of the amazing aspects of this book is that it is sort of multi-functional; you can use in a variety of ways. If you're like me and just really love devouring anything and everything relating to the paranormal, you can simply read it cover to cover, novel style. With so much information packed in, it may take you more than one sitting, but the conversational writing style and Lewis' ability to weave an interesting story with just the right amount of historical background information make plowing through the book totally possible.

However, if that isn't your style, this book makes a great piece to have on hand while you're out and about. Since the entry for each haunted location is relatively brief, you can easily read a couple here and a couple there while on your lunch break, waiting in line, or commuting home from school or work.

Obviously, you don't have to actually be from Alabama to get a lot out of this book. But, those who are investigators wanting to find locations to check out in that state, or travelers looking for a haunted restaurant, hotel, or tourist attraction to visit while in the area will find that Southern Spirit Guide's Haunted Alabama is the perfect resource. Broken down by county, its a breeze to find great locations to explore, and the overwhelming majority of locations listed in the book are open to the public in some capacity, some even offering public or private pay-to-play investigation opportunities. Since each entry contains bibliographical resources and information on any past investigations done at the property, its easy to narrow down locations that will yield the best potential.

The Southern Spirit Guide's Haunted Alabama is a really fun and informative read. I can only imagine how much work went into compiling such an extensive list of haunted locations, complete with good, solid information to back up the rumors of the hauntings. You're not going to find the vague, incomplete 'stories' that are so often a part of similar listings---you're only going to find the best, most accurate up-to-date info available, all condensed down into a format that is not only entertaining to read, yet provides a great start to your own research.

This book makes an excellent addition to any digital paranormal library and is highly recommended for investigators working in the south, those paranormal enthusiasts who will be traveling through that area, or simply just anyone with an interest in all things spooky! Go pick up your copy today, and check out The Southern Spirit Guide blog for more great locations. Happy reading!