Sunday, December 3, 2017

Chaplin's: Georgia's Most Haunted Karaoke Bar

You can find Chaplin's Restaurant and Bar just outside downtown Roswell, Georgia. Located in the Founders Square Shopping Plaza on South Atlantic Street, this popular karaoke club and family dining establishment has been in operation since at least 1988. Owned by David Kamran and Joseph Radfard, the bar is named for legendary actor, Charlie Chaplin. And, like so many other locations in this historic town, the restaurant has a reputation for being haunted!

According to the book Roswell: History, Haunts and Legends, by Dianna Avena and based off the popular Roswell Ghost Tour, the activity at Chaplin's is quite unnerving to its various staff! In one incident, a manager was staying late to wrap up some paperwork alone in his office. While working, he heard a commotion coming from the kitchen. Cabinet doors were slamming, the oven doors were opening and slamming shut, pots were rattling---just complete chaos. Fearing a break-in, the manager approached the kitchen cautiously, but of course, found nothing. No burglar...and no signs of anything being amiss in the kitchen. 

That manager won't stay alone in the building anymore, and neither will most of the other staff. Strange noises, feelings of unease, and items being moved around by unseen hands are common experiences. But the freakiest thing experienced by those staying after hours is the sounds of a phantom horse and buggy! 

When the last patron of the evening has left for the night, and the karaoke machine has gone silent, its not unusual for staff members to hear the distinct sounds of a horse-drawn buggy clomping around outside. Of course, when the sounds are investigated, there is nothing there.  Only the echo of an event from long, long ago in the town's history.

It is believed by many that Chaplin's was built atop what was once a Cherokee burial ground and that the sounds are that of a horse and buggy carrying a body up to the graveyard to be buried, as was the custom for the natives in the area during the late 1700s/early 1800s before they were relocated on the Trail of Tears. Or perhaps, the horse and buggy are from a slightly more recent time in history, when the town was ravaged by the Civil War. 

We may never know just who or what haunts Chaplin's Restaurant and Bar, but to many staff members over the years, there is no doubt that it IS haunted. If you're ever in the area, Roswell is just a short drive from Atlanta. Many of its beautiful, historic homes are open to the public and the Roswell Ghost Tour is a must-see. Finish off your evening with some karaoke...and hopefully, a ghost!

Stay Spooky, Ya'll! 

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