Sunday, December 31, 2017

Theresa's Haunted History Welcomes 2018!

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Tonight, we say goodbye to 2017 and welcome in a new year full of new hopes and new possibilities. This past year wasn't the greatest for Theresa's Haunted History---between bouts of depression and lack of motivation, I just don't feel like I accomplished very much. Therefore, I'm MORE than ready to usher in a new year and another chance to move on.

I've got some pretty awesome things in the works for this year, and I wanted to share them with you all! So, here's my Paranormal New Year's Resolutions for 2018...ya'll make sure I stay accountable and actually get at least SOME of these done!

1. Increase Posting: I have a bad habit of going through these phases where I'll post every day for a couple of weeks at a time...and then stop for over a month. I went nearly 6 months without a single post earlier this year and that is something I NEVER want to do again. Not only do I want to do WAY better than this year's measly 51 posts, but I want to make sure I stay consistent as well.

2. Start a YouTube Channel: My goal is to make several micro-documentary style videos on various paranormal topics of interest to the tri-state. I'd also like to do some review-style videos and maybe showcase some actual investigations, field work, and/or experiments.

3. Book!: I've been saying this for YEARS and the truth is, I pretty much HAVE a book ready to be self-published at any time. However, like with most of what I do in regards to Theresa's Haunted History, I am my own worst enemy. I am WAY too thin-skinned, lol. I feel like that whatever I try, there's already someone out there who has not only done it already, but has done it way better than I ever could. I just got a really strongly worded comment on how awful my historical research was and it is taking everything I have to not just give up completely. I feel like the second I publish a book, all I'm gonna get is hate-mail about how awful and inaccurate it is. But, I'm gonna try to bite the bullet and overcome my fears. Keep an eye out for updates!

There are a few other things that I'm working on for the next few months. On a personal level, I'm planning on continuing my reiki studies and finally taking the MUFON certification test. You can always follow me on Facebook or on Twitter for updates, news, and all sorts of other fun stuff.

I sincerely hope that you have had a wonderful 2017 and will have an even better 2018! Thank you so much for supporting and encouraging me through the tough times. Be safe out there tonight and make the coming year your best one yet!  Stay Spooky, and let me know what YOUR spooky resolutions are for 2018!

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