Friday, December 1, 2017

Demonic December and Other Updates!

Holy crap, it's December already! 2017 seemed to fly by and as we wrap up this last month before the new year, I wanted to give you some updates...kinda, lol.

2018 is going to be a BIG year for Theresa's Haunted History. There are at least two big projects in the works, including an actual full-length, publicly available book about local haunts. The other---well, I'll be keeping that a secret until after the holidays. Until then, I think I've got some cool stuff planned for the blog and the Theresa's Haunted History Facebook page.

November's Serial Killer Month was a lot of fun and took us to some weird places, so I wanted to try another theme this month. Throughout December, both on Facebook AND here on the blog, I'll be posting some interesting facts, case studies, and other tidbits of information relating to anything and everything demonic. If demonology fascinates you, or even terrifies you, I'm hoping you'll be able to find some accurate, reliable information presented in an objective way from a scientific viewpoint. At the very least, I hope you'll be entertained!

December's postings will also be heavy on holiday related hauntings, traditions, and folklore. No matter what winter holiday you celebrate, there should be something that you can both relate to and learn from. And to be honest....December is a spooky month! There are just as many, if not more, hauntings and ghostly traditions associated with Christmas and other winter holidays as there Halloween! I'm looking forward to the traditional  telling of ghost tales around the fire on Christmas Eve and holding a Dumb Supper for lost loved ones. I even plan on meeting Krampus again this year!

Please check back here often for updates, and if you aren't following me on Facebook, please hop on over and join in the discussions! Throughout December I'll be bringing back Daily Questions and even a few debate topics. I love to hear from my readers. I think each and every one of you has so much to offer and we can all learn so much from each other!

I hope you have a wonderful December. Stay Spooky, ya'll!

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