Monday, January 16, 2012

Nebraska's Haunted Hummel Park

Hummel Park, located in Northern Omaha, originally opened in 1930, and was later named after J.B. Hummel, a long time superintendent of the Omaha Parks and Recreation Dept.  The 200+ acre park, known for its hiking trails, disc golf course, and other recreational opportunities, was built atop the site of the Jean Pierre Cabanne fur trading post of 1832.  It is also rumored that the site was once used as an Indian burial ground.

The eastern side of the park, known as Devil's Slide, has many steep cliffs and drop offs, and is said to be a popular place for suicides.  There have also been a number of verified murders within the park, and additional found murdered victims dumped there.  And...according to some sources, in the early 1900s, the site of the park was a favorite lynching spot.

Due to this unsettled history, the park has quickly gained the reputation of being one of the most haunted locations in Nebraska.  Apparitions have been seen, screams have been heard, and paranormal investigators have captured weird EMF readings and other evidence.  Some of the less probable legends include a pack of albinos that live among the trees, and an area known as the "Morphing Stairs."  A stone staircase has gained this moniker because it is said that people counting the stairs going up will always count a different number on the way down.  The staircase also leads to a somewhat secluded spot where graffiti and animal carcasses point to the belief that the area is used in occult rituals and devil worship.

For more information on this location, check out this group's site.  They also provided the picture:

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