Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Margaritas Restaurant in Concord, NH

It's been awhile since I posted something in the Haunted America section...and this location is definitely one I want to personally, eh, investigate!

Margaritas is a popular chain of upscale Mexican restaurants in the New England area.  The first restaurant in this chain, formerly known as Tio Juan's, opened in Bicentennial Square in Concord New Hampshire.  The building it occupies was once a county jail, and to add to the atmosphere, the jail cells were preserved to be used for private seating.

Patrons and staff alike believe the restaurant to be haunted, and have dubbed their poltergeist "George."  George is known to move furniture and place settings, drink unattended beverages, and even throw food.  The staff also claims to hear disembodied voices throughout the restaurant after hours.

A paranormal investigation group called Northeastern Paranormal Research Society, has a YouTube video of a glass moving, seemingly on its own accord, across the table while its owner is ordering a salad from the waitress.  Although seemingly impressive, and with great care to try to recreate the event, I personally am not too impressed with this footage.  I've seen first hand many times how even a very small, thin layer of condensation on a water glass can cause a cushion on which the glass can seemingly float (we had a lot of spare time when I worked at a pool concession stand, lol). 

Still, this seems like an excellent location to have dinner and possibly experience a ghost.  Reviews of the restaurant are very favorable, but do cite lengthy waits and upscale prices as the only cons.  Perhaps George is a former inmate, making sure he gets his three squares a day!

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