Thursday, September 27, 2012

Oklahoma's Purple Church

On the outskirts of Spencer, Oklahoma there is a location so scary that the alleged paranormal activity that is said to take place there is the LEAST horrifying aspect of its history!

That location is the Purple Church.  This location isn't exactly a church...and it isn't exactly purple either.  Located off of rural Douglas Avenue, the Purple Church is actually a concrete foundation, with steps leading into an "underground" cellar type area.  There is speculation as to what this structure was originally used as, with the general consensus being that this was the cellar to either an old clapboard church or a private home, which was destroyed many years ago.  The "purple" comes from the many occult and "Satanic" symbols that are spray painted inside and out of the small structure.

Over the past 20 years or so, this structure has become one of Oklahoma's most infamous legend tripping locations, as scores of teens and young adults flock there in order for a good scare...and just about anyone who has visited for this purpose has not been disappointed.

The Purple Church has a long history of alleged Satanic cult rituals, and there are many sources online saying that Sean Sellers, the 16 year old alleged Satanist convicted of killing both his parents and a convenience store clerk, was instrumental in first using the property for these purposes.  One of the most prevalent beliefs is that when a full moon falls on a Saturday, cult members meet at the Purple Church to engage in a virgin sacrifice.  Similar tales involve mothers sacrificing newborn babies here.

Source: Professor Caleb Lack-Youtube

While there is little to no evidence that human sacrifices are, or have ever been, conducted at the Purple Church, there are plenty of eyewitness accounts that say that animal sacrifices are routinely conducted.  Dead and mutilated animals, as well as animal bones, have been found hanging from the trees, on make-shift altars, and along the path leading to the Purple Church.  In one tale, a witness claimed to have found a tub full of animal body parts.

As far as the paranormal stories go, there is actually very little information on that, although the Purple Church has a widespread reputation as a "haunted location."  Strange floating lights in the woods, disembodied voices, and a smell of death are the most widely reported incidents.  However, as I said....the paranormal aspects are the least of anyone's worries when visiting this site.

Again, many visitors to this site, including those in law enforcement, the military, and other stations in life we'd consider more "credible" when it comes to reporting, have had similar horrifying incidents with the living.  People claim to be chased out of the area by men in robes.  They've had shotguns pulled on them, or have otherwise been threatened.  Some witnesses claim that nails are regularly thrown into the road in order to damage tires, and possibly strand people in the area.  Others were chased down the road by someone in a large truck, usually with its headlights turned off.

The property is currently owned by the Chesapeake Energy Company and is private property.  In 2006, there were rumors spread  that the structure had been filled in, in order to cull the amount of thrill seekers, but subsequent investigations into the property have proved this to be false.  However, neighbors who live across the street from the turn off have been known to monitor the property and confront trespassers.  Please seek proper permission before exploring this legend for yourself!  Plus, there are ample YouTube videos where one can vicariously check out the location from the safety of behind the computer screen.

The video I've posted above is from a documentary made by Katherine Jones, a student at the University of Central Oklahoma, for a Science vs. Pseudoscience class.

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  1. I've been to the purple church recently and there have been spiritual activities, such as a bottle being pushed out from a pile of rubble, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a white orb behind me. There is a man sized cage up one of the trails that most likely held some kind of animal. Also, there is a few hunting cabins not too far from the cage with a chair in it.