Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mothman 2012 Re-Cap

I'm a little late in posting, but this year's Mothman Festival went really well!  For the first time in 2 years, HPIR returned to Vendor's Row and set up an information table for the group, as well as the tours.  We talked to a TON of people, including some from the Huntington area, and made some great contacts.  We also heard plenty of interesting, and sometimes horrifying, paranormal tales experienced by those who came to talk to us.  One of my personal highlights was learning the sign for "ghost" from a hearing impaired lady who we had a delightful chat with.

We also sold a lot of cool stuff!  Thanks to the awesomeness of ThinkTwice Buttons, are HPIR logo buttons came in early, and made a perfect promotional item.  Melissa, HPIR Founder/President, made the coolest chocolate Mothman suckers you've EVER seen, which sold like crazy...and also made a great snack for those of us working the table, lol!  I even managed to sell some Mothman candles I had made, and two remaining Haunted Huntington Preview books I found in my trunk.

The weather was beautiful, the crowds were plentiful, and as always, Jeff Wamsley was right on top of things, helpful and as kind as always.  Still, it felt like something was missing.  This is WV's biggest paranormal event of the year!  We talked to people who literally come in from every corner of the continental United States to attend this festival, yet the representation from the WV paranormal community was few and far between.  Also, as much as I LOVE the speakers that attend, I don't feel bad about not getting to go listen to them while working the table because they are the same speakers year after year, lol.  I've already heard all of them, and some even use the same basic presentation year after year, mixing things up only slightly.

Still...if you love anything that has to do with history, mysterious, WV, or the paranormal, this is THE event to attend.  The tours of downtown Pt. Pleasant and the TNT area are chocked full of exciting information.  There are great bands and great food to enjoy, and plenty of shopping for books, movies, jewelry, art, and the most outrageous Mothman souvenirs you can imagine.  The Lowe Hotel opens up for haunted history tours, and the speakers, while tedious to some of us, are extremely knowledgeable and cover a vast array of interesting information.  FREE movie screenings of Mothman related movies and documentaries shown at the historic (and haunted) State Theater cannot be missed.  Also cannot be missed:  a photo op with the Mothman statue...or the BACK of the Mothman statue, which features a well-formed, muscular metal buttocks, which was much to the delight of two pre-teen boys whose mother was busy at our table!

Next year, I'd LOVE to see the West Virginia paranormal community come out a little stronger and really let the world see the diversity and scope of  what we have to offer.  In a sense, this is OUR event, too, and it is a great opportunity to talk to a lot of interesting people.

Special shout-out to Bryna Butler of the Gallipolis area!  Bryna sat across from us at the festival, and is the author of a wonderful YA paranormal romance series.  The Midnight Guardian Series, set in Southern Ohio, looks REALLY awesome from what I've seen so far, and I'll be ordering my copy of the first book from Amazon shortly!  Thanks, Bryna, for your hospitality and for wearing our HPIR button!  Good luck with your book series!

Purchase Info for the Midnight Guardian Series

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  1. I have always wanted to go to event like that but money is always the issue but be able hear what on e of those events are like maybe some day when i get enough money saved up or the time. someday.