Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Book Review for Really Mysterious Pennsylvania

Title:  Really Mysterious Pennsylvania:  UFOs, Bigfoot, and Other Weird Encounters Casebook One

Author:  Stan Gordon

Copyright 2010

Author's Website 

Every year at the Mothman Festival, I try to pick up at least one non-fiction book from an author or speaker attending the event.  This year, that book was Stan Gordon's Really Mysterious Pennsylvania.  I was drawn to this book for several reasons...

Firstly, my boyfriend and I had just recently watched a documentary on the Kecksburg, PA UFO incident, and I recognized Mr. Gordon as one of the experts that worked on the film.  Secondly, I'm STILL feebly attempting my goal of becoming more informed on the topic of UFOs and thought this book, which deals with such, was a good fit.  Lastly, my collection of paranormal literature from the Pennsylvania region was lacking, lol.

Luckily, this book held up to my high expectations.  It's a fun look at not only UFO case files from Gordon's own work as a researcher, but it also delves into Bigfoot sightings, sightings of black panthers (sometimes referred to as alien big cats or ABCs in this field) and even things such as mysterious ice falls over the region.  It was well-organized and a very quick, interesting read.  While reading through it, I couldn't help but notice the dates of the reported UFO sightings, and began formulating a hypothesis about how February and August are the best months to view a UFO.  Unfortunately, a quick google search did not confirm this, but its something that, due to this book, I'm going to look into further and compile some data!

Overall, this was a really nicely laid out book featuring years of Pennsylvania sightings.  The only thing I would change is the fact that I'd like to see some of these entries fleshed out a little more.  As it stands, each entry is just a brief overview of the events.  I'd like to see more follow-up and more data collected from the cases that were investigated by Gordon and his colleagues.  But for a quick intro into the field of Pennyslvania Ufology/Cryptozoology, this is a great place to start!

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