Friday, June 17, 2011

Old Town Tatu

The Old Town Tatu Shop on Chicago's North Side opened in 2003 as Odin Tatu.  Named after owner Ritchie "Tapeworm" Herrera's son, the tattoo shop was built in what was once the Klemundt funeral home, the oldest operating funeral home in the city, opened in the 1800s.  It also now has the distinction of being certifiably haunted, and possibly, the most haunted tattoo shop in America.

There are many different reports and several different entities that are said to reside in the building.  An EVP session by Weird Chicago came up with the name Walter, who was the original owner of the parlor and who died in the building of a heart attack, but there are also at least three other entities, including a little girl, and perhaps even Ritchie "Tapeworm" himself.

Before Ritchie passed away in 2006, he had several incidents of where something tried, and eventually succeeded, in pushing him down the stairs.  After being pushed down the stairs, Ritchie loudly proclaimed that if he ever died in the shop, he was going to come back and kick the ghost's ass.  Sadly, Ritchie DID pass away in the shop.  He died of an apparent heart attack in the upstairs apartment, three weeks after the stair incident, on July 6, 2006.

Today, the shop is owned by friends of Ritchie, who out of respect, changed the name to Old Town Tatu, and plan on turning ownership over to Ritchie's son, Odin, as soon as Odin finishes college.  Activity is still present, and it is believed that Tapeworm may even still be there.  New employees who use his former tattoo station report electrical problems.  When someone who knew Tapeworm uses the station, everything works perfectly. 

The shop is also plagued with poltergeist activity.  A mask on the wall has flown off several times, and keys have flown off a counter.  Before Ritchie's passing, he and Nick, a current owner, were staying in the upstairs apartment with their dog, Rocky.  Nick was sleeping while Ritchie was away from the apartment.  Nick was awakened by the door opening and closing, and figured it was either Ritchie returning, or the dog.  It stopped for awhile, then started up again, so he investigated.  Ritchie was not there, and the dog was locked out on the back porch.

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  1. I remember seeing this location on Ghost Lab, I think. I believe there are several tattoo shops in the country that are reportedly haunted but this one is the most well known by far.


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