Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oregon's SpeakEasy Restaurant

In 1886, J.S. Cooper built a small saloon on Main Street in Independence, OR.  Three years later, the building was replaced by a three story brick structure, known today as the J.S. Cooper Block Building.

Over the years, the building was used to house Cooper's saloon, a doctor's office, a dentist's office, possibly a brothel, and a gambling establishment known as the HiHo.  Today, it houses the SpeakEasy, a steakhouse and tavern.

There are at least two confirmed deaths at the establishment, including that of a young dentist with a drinking problem who stabbed himself to death, and that of an elderly gambler.  The elderly gambler resided in an upstairs apartment, and passed away one evening downstairs at the card table.

These two deaths have led to two stories of the no less than four  alleged ghosts in the building.  The dentist is described as a kind, young man, while the gambler is described as a mean-spirited, frustrated entity.  The gambler is believed to be the strongest and most outspoken of the four, choosing to stay on the third floor, the location of his apartment.

In addition to these men, there are also reports of a little girl who lingers near a child-sized mannequin.  And, even though the death has not be confirmed, several different psychics  have been in contact with the spirit of a young woman near the stairs.  The woman is said to have been murdered--first choked, and then thrown down the stairs.  Her name is possibly Lila.

While all floors periodically experience their fair share of activity, one of the more shocking instances occurred on the second floor during the building's renovation.  A mannequin was thrown into a window, smashing it, and sending shards of glass raining down to the street below.  The one door to the upper floors was locked at the time, and no one was on the floor.


  1. The woman spirit may be Lenora or Lerona ~ from Lenora's Ghost which is now closed.Lerona was a 15 year old girl, betrothed to a man enlisted in WWI and here is the story: