Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ironton's Cement Plant

Also known as the Alpha Portland Cement plant, this factory was built in the late 1890s and operated for nearly 70 years. It was closed in the mid 1960s due to the financial hardships.  In the 1970s, it operated for a short while under Getty Oil.  A tragic accident during this decade led to the permanent closing of the plant; a basement wall broke, flooding the basement area and killing several workers.  Today, there are underground mining areas still on the property.  Due to the flooding, these underground mines are completely filled with water...but there is also still mining equipment, trapped 600 feet below the property.

It is rumored that because of this tragic accident,  the property is now haunted. Legend has it that some of the bodies were never recovered, and it is these lost souls who remain today.  Many people have reported seeing the apparitions of these victims.

The current owner, Dan Bolender, doesn't believe the property is haunted, and has even built his own home on the property.  Bolender, who is president of the Ice Creek Land Company, worked maintenance at the plant years ago under Getty  Oil before purchasing the property in the mid-90s.  Plans to tear down the remaining structures and turn the land into a residential area are underway.

Photo Property of Abandoned Online.  Check out their site for more history and photos!

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