Monday, May 23, 2011

Greenbrier County Courthouse

The Greenbrier County Courthouse sits on Lot 8, otherwise known as 200 N. Court Street, Lewisburg.  The building was built in 1837 by stone mason John W. Dunn, and was one of the first county courthouses west of the Appalachian Mountains.  The two story structure with basement was built using bricks fired locally, and boasts a belfry containing the bell that was rung to announce when court was in session.

The courthouse has been in continual use since it was built, with wings added to both sides in 1937 and in 1963.  It is located beside the historic Lewis Spring, which brought many early settlers to this area in the 1700s, and was a key component in the decision to build the courthouse in Lewisburg.  

Due to the fact that the courthouse once also served as the local jail, rumors of it being haunted by former criminals abound.  It is said that from outside the courthouse, one can hear the moans and screams from former inmates coming from inside.  In an isolated incident, two teenagers encountered a misty apparition outside the building.  The apparition appeared to take on the form of a man holding a knife, who chased them down the sidewalk before disappearing.

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