Monday, May 23, 2011

The Haunting of Hale House

The Hale House was built in 1838 and served as home to Dr. John P. Hale, who became one of the area's leading salt industrialists.  Dr. Hale was also the mayor of Charleston, and in 1871, was instrumental in bringing the state capitol here.  He also financed the world's first brick paved street, Charleston's Summers Street.

Before the Civil War, the area of Malden was known as Kanawha Salines, and since the early 1800s had been the area's leading producer in salt brine.  The Hale House was built  on land owned by the Ruffner Family, in what was known as the "Saltborough" Subdivision, now referred to as "Old Malden."  In 1991, the house was restored for use by the Cabin Creek Quilt Co-Op. Today it is owned by West Virginia State College University, who host tours of the home.

Sometime during its long history, the house is said to have picked up a ghost or two.  A lady was living there with her abusive husband and her husband's uncle, when the husband was murdered.  The murder was never solved, and the murdered man's restless spirit remains, searching for justice.

Malden History

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