Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mercer County Airport

Mercer County Airport is a small public airport located outside of Bluefield, WV.  Several years ago, the crew of an aero-medical group opened up base operations at the airport, which left members of their crew the only living persons to man the airport late into the night and into early morning.

Shortly thereafter, rumors began to circulate and stories were reported that the airport may or may not be haunted.  Employees would feel the sense of being watched during the night, although they were the only ones on site.  Cold chills and shivers were commonplace, as were weird banging sounds that echoed through the early morning hours.

Many who have experienced the phenomena attribute the activity to a plane crash that killed all on board.  On January 21, 1981, a Cessna carrying two crew members and three passengers crashed, killing all five people.  The reason is believed to have been a slushy, icy runway.

Airport Website
Ghost Story from WVGhosts.com


  1. I work at the company next door (I could throw a rock from our parking lot and hit the airplane hangar) and have never heard any ghost rumors. Our shop had an employee killed in an accident once, but I've never heard talk of a haunting. Of course, it might be a topic that an airport would want to keep quiet since it might scare off customers. There have been a couple of buildings burn down on the short entrance road to the airport. Nobody died, though.

    1. Hmm...I dunno. The original story was submitted to the WVGhosts website from a crew member of the medical group and related tales told by other employees. Maybe the rumors never spread beyond those who worked in close contact because there wasn't a lot of substance to them? Thanks for visiting the site and commenting!