Monday, May 23, 2011

Harper's Ferry: Wager House

The Wager House is located right beside the Harper House, and the property once belonged to Robert and Rachel Harper.  The Harpers, who were childless, deeded the adjoining property to their niece, Sarah Wager.  The property passed onto Sarah's children, and then on to three of her grandchildren, one of whom built the home.
Due to bankruptcy, the Wager family auctioned off the home to a man named Dr. Nicholas Marmion.  The home stayed in the Marmion family for many years, until it was acquired by Park Services for use as a guest home for visiting officials and researchers.
During this time, many visiting researchers and officials claimed to have seen at least three distinct apparitions in the home.  The first is said to be a very handsome man, wearing  a brocade vest.  This gentleman has been seen by several witnesses at the top of the servants' stairs.  He is said to have a menacing glare, and one woman claims as she was fleeing his sight, she felt someone shove her violently from behind.
The second apparition is also seen on the staircase.  She appears as a woman wearing an 18th century style gray hooded dress.  Several witnesses have claimed to see this apparition holding the hand of a small girl, around eight years old.
The third apparition has been spotted in the living room of the home.  A 19th century laborer has been observed walking across the living room with what appears to be a dead body slung over his shoulder.   Due to the frequency of these apparitions, the home is no longer being used as a guest house.  Now, it houses the park library.

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