Monday, May 23, 2011

Childer's Road, Barboursville

Originally, I began researching Childers' Road after several popular ghost sites reported that the apparition of a young boy on a bicycle could be seen here.  Allegedly the boy drowned by riding his bicycle past the road's dead end, and into the river.  He is said to be seen during the flooding season.

  Without any names or dates, I wasn't able to verify this submission, but did run across some other interesting facts.  A young boy DID die in this area of a house fire.

Since my original research, the story of the boy on the bicycle has seemingly disappeared (update: has returned on several sites, lol)...and have been replaced instead with a different story!  It seems that several of the area homes have reported paranormal activity.

According to one witness who moved to the area in 1993, paranormal disturbances plagued his family for many years.  Sounds could be heard coming from the attic, and under the home, despite the fact that the foundation was nothing more than a concrete slab, making it impossible for anything to actually be there.

In one instance, this witness reports hearing his wife tell him to please do the dishes.  He questioned her on why they couldn't just use the dishwasher, and she responded by not knowing what he was talking about!  Upon entering the kitchen right after, the faucet to the sink was found running, with dish detergent already added to the water.

Later, the homeowners began seeing things out of the corner of their eye, including the misty form of a woman.  An Ouija board session held in the home also yielded some interesting results.  The board confirmed a spirit in the home, and gave the initials M.B.  When the spirit was asked to make its presence known, a serving tray, followed by two glasses, fell from a shelf.

Shortly thereafter, the homeowner got a chance to speak with someone whose family once lived in his current home.  The lady had told him that the family was named Bell, and that her aunt, Mary Bell, had gone missing at 18 years old.  Mary Bell=M.B??

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