Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our House Museum

The Our House Museum was built in 1819 as a tavern by Henry Cushing, and his sister Elizabeth. It is located in Gallipolis, OH. The apparition of Mr. Cushing, wearing short green breeches, has been seen in the kitchen, and also along the back pathway. Phantom footsteps are also often heard.

The ballroom, which once hosted General Lafayette in May of 1825, has been the site of a woman singing, and chairs scraping, as if a large audience was being seated. The singing ghost is thought to be Jenny Lind, who stopped at Our House in the 1850s during her American tour.

The Cushing family owned and operated Our House until 1865. It was then purchased in 1933 by Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Holzer, who donated it to the state in 1944 as a memorial to the French families who founded Gallipolis.

Info from Haunted Ohio II by Chris Woodyard.

Photo property of the Ohio Cultural Facilities Commission

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