Monday, May 23, 2011

Staten Chapel Cemetery

The Staten Chapel Cemetery is located in a rural section of Mason County, near Hannan.   The abandoned wooden chapel has a sign above its store signifying that  it was built in 1918, but the adjoining cemetery is apparently still receiving burials.

I learned of this location through my other passion, which is geocaching, as there is a geocache located nearby on the property.  Here's an excerpt from my own ghostly experience at Staten Chapel Cemetery:

I think my nephew and I had a paranormal any rate, it was somewhat touching, lol.We were approaching the cache area, and were about 20ft away, according to the GPS. My nephew was slightly behind me, when a slight breeze picked up and I heard my nephew make a noise. I turned around to see what was up. Apparently, he had been smacked in the face with a small, hand-written note that had been blowing in the breeze. The note, which was addressed to a "Gracie," was a note from her mom or grandma Sherry, saying she loved and missed her, or something to that affect. 

Since we figured it probably blew off a grave, my nephew decided he was going to go find Grace's grave, and return the note, while I finished searching for the cache. As he ran off to look for her grave, I looked down at the GPS. What had previously said 20ft pointing in the direction of the cache, now said GZ was 70 feet BEHIND me...back towards the cemetery.

Thinking there was definitely something wrong, and that the breeze must have messed up the GPS by blowing in additional cloud cover, I sat down, prepared to turn the device off, then on again to recalibrate. Then it kinda hit me...I followed the arrow back up towards the graves...and the GPS zeroed out at a certain grave...Grace' infant who died about two years ago.

Since my experience, several other people have come forward with their own experiences.  It seems there is a distinct atmosphere to the place, and more than one person has been slightly creeped out while visiting.

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