Friday, May 3, 2013

Occupational Hazard

I'm not scared of most of the "horrors" associated with being a ghost hunter.  I'm comfortable sitting alone in the dark.  I've seen enough ghosts to not even be fazed by a full body apparition anymore.  Demonic possession?  Eh.

But...what I AM scared of just happens to be an occupational hazard of this line of work, and I take comfort in the fact that I am not alone.  I have arachnophobia. And while its just a mild case under most circumstances, there's just something about an alleged haunted location that makes me feel like every itch and every breeze just has to be a wolf spider and her babies crawling all over my body.  The next time I have this sensation, I will think of this photo and I will laugh until I pee a little!  Honestly, I have no idea what it is about this, but it literally makes me chuckle aloud, lol.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Photo Credit: Kezdaman via Flickr

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