Friday, January 21, 2011

Bear Hollow Tales


Title: Bear Hollow Tales
Author: Forrest Alford
Published by Wythe-North Publishing, 2010

On a recent quest for the perfect Carnevale mask, I stopped in a local bookstore to browse, and happily stumbled upon Forrest Alford's Bear Hollow Tales, a follow-up to his first book on local legends, ghost tales, and other supernatural goodies taking place along the Cabell-Mason County line!  After reviewing Strange But True on the original Theresa's Haunted History, I received a guestbook signature from Alford's daughter, informing me that there were other books.  Greatly excited, I perused area stores, without luck, so I was overjoyed to find this one nearly by accident.

As with the first book, I was not disappointed!  Once again, Alford takes us on a journey through some lively tales, some passed along to him by friends, neighbors, and family...and others that were experienced first hand.  In this volume, readers will hear tales of the familiar blue lights, but also be treated to apparitions, UFOs, and even some mysterious beasts. 

I love Alford's books because they tell tales from a REAL person's perspective.  You won't find these stories mentioned on popular haunted places websites, but you'll find them preserved here for future generations!  As an Historical Research Manager for one of WV's largest paranormal teams, I cannot stress the importance of preserving folklore of our great state, and these books have become a treasured part of my personal library.

That said, I do have one small issue...and that has to do with the religious overtones of the book.  It seems as if its implied that most witnesses are of a reliable sort because they are "good Christians."  That phrase pops up over and over again throughout the text, along with the theme of becoming saved before death.  I understand and respect the author's personal views, but that aspect may dissuade a few readers away from the rest of the book.  If you can look past that aspect, I think you'll be pleasantly pleased.

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