Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ghosts of the Frederick Hotel, Huntington

The Frederick Hotel was designed to be a showplace of opulence, issuing the Huntington area into the modern age.  Ground was broken on March 1905, and construction officially started on June 22nd. 

Opening to the public on November 12th, 1906, the hotel remained the premier place to stay until it closed in 1973.  Built at a cost of $400,000 and furnished with the finest pieces available at an additional $100,000, it was definitely one of the most expensive hotels in the area.  In 1907, rates ran $2.50 to $4.00 a day for a room.  Notables such as Richard Nixon, Liberace, and Bob Hope all stayed at the hotel, as well as those coming to town to perform at the Keith Albee across the street.

Along with some famous names came some infamous as well, as rumors of organized crime came to the Frederick.  Some believe that the rumored tunnel system of Huntington was used to ferry criminals and bootleg liquor around the city.  Other rumors have a tunnel between the two buildings acting as a pathway for the Keith Albee performers.  Unfortunately, despite adamant testimonials, there is no evidence of a tunnel connecting the Keith Albee and the Frederick Building.

There are, however, plenty of ghost stories attached to the building!  The building, which now houses various offices and retail stores, has a wide variety of paranormal activity reported.  Two children are said to be haunting the restaurant area, which during the early 60s served as the hotel's private men's club.  The jangling of keys, footsteps, whispering voices, and even bloodcurdling screaming have been observed.  There are even stories that have surfaced of a former resident of the hotel claiming that his room was haunted, and that the ghosts would keep him up at night arguing.

The most active areas do appear to be the restaurant area, and the sixth floor...a floor that renters quickly move back out of.  With such a varied history and so many different experiences, this former grand hotel is still today a plethora of paranormal potential.


  1. There indeed is a tunnel under the Frederick connecting to the Keith Albee but it had colapsed. I know this only because me and my family own the building.

  2. Do they allow investigations at this location?

  3. My family, along with the Bill Ritter Family, owned the hotel. The A.Z. Litz Family was very involved in the day to day operations. I used to stay there as a child with my mother and remember all the chatter about the Elephant Walk. There were some strange noises that I remember as well! Christine, does your family still own the old Keith Albee building? Downtown Huntington has slowly deteriorated over the years. So sad..................