Friday, July 22, 2011

Strange But True! A Book Review...

Title: Strange But True! Tokens Floating Blue Lights and Ghostly Figures: A Personal Collection of Stories From West Virginia
Author: Forrest Alford
Publisher Data: Wythe North Publishing, 2008
ISBN: 978-0-9801862-3-9

I nearly jumped for joy when I saw this on the shelves at my local Borders' store.  I always love a volume of West Virginia folklore...moreso when it involves ghosts and other paranormal phenomena, and even more so when it deals with a location I know well.  Most of the stories contained in this slender volume take place in Cabell or Mason County.

At barely 36 pages in length, this was a quick read, and exactly what you'd expect from the title.  The stories in general aren't popularly known hot spots, and many cannot honestly be classified as paranormal from a scientific viewpoint.  However, the stories were entertaining, at times a little spooky (especially the Rocky Fork Clown--shudder), and definitely serve as an excellent oral history and showcase of the area's culture.  Reading through the personal anecdotes, such as seeing the blue lights and interpreting different omens, I couldn't help but think of the tales that my grandparents and other relatives have shared with me.  If anything, this book has reminded me that these oral histories must be preserved for future generations, and may have even inspired me to write down my own!

Mr. Alford has several other books out on the subject as well.  For a review of Bear Hollow Tales,  please click the link below!

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