Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

Today is Canada Day, so a big Happy Canada Day to all my northern readers!  In honor of this event, Theresa's Haunted History is featuring the first ever international ghost story to be posted...coming straight out of Vancouver, B.C.  Happy reading!

The Old Spaghetti Factory, a popular local eatery, opened its doors to the public in March of 1970.  Throughout its history, the Old Spaghetti Factory has done more than host scores of hungry has acquired two very distinct spectral guests as well.

The first ghost of the restaurant is known as the Train Conductor.  This shadowy gentleman, seen in full train conductor uniform, is often seen sitting at the same dining table.  This dining table just happens to be located inside the Number 53 trolley car, an antique car built in 1904 and owned by the B.C. Electric Railway Company.  When the restaurant opened, it was decorated with an antique theme, and the decommissioned trolley was installed as a centerpiece.  During its installation, however, a photo was taken of the car, distinctly showing a shadowy man entering the car.  The conductor is often blamed for cold spots, and the occasional severe bending of cutlery.

The second ghost is also a mischevious lil' devil...literally.  Known as "Little Red Man," this pint-sized phantom is described as having bright red hair and a ruddy face.  He likes to call people by their names, and hang out in the kitchen area, but he's most noted for scaring patrons who visit the ladies' restroom.  Two such ladies described a short little man who came in the restroom wearing a red shirt.  He laughed, and ran out the door.  An attempted photo of the little man resulted in nothing but a blur on the film.

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