Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mystic Manor

With a name like Mystic Manor, you'd EXPECT to find a ghost or two!  Mystic Manor is a bed and breakfast located along the North Bend Rails to Trails section of the National Discovery Rails to Trails system.  It's in Pennsboro, Ritchie County and is a popular spot for both hunters and fishermen to the area.

The house was built in 1900 and was known as the "house of the future" because it was the first in the area to have electricity, hot and cold running water, and bathrooms.  It was also made to be fireproof, built with brick, stucco, and a terra-cotta roof.

Due to financial problems, the original owners would eventually lose the house, and it would sit empty between 1931 and 1940, when the local mayor purchased it and rented it out as a tourist home.  During this time, many celebrities, including Minnie Pearl, stayed at the Manor and even then, it was known as the "haunted house."  Again, the house sat vacant between 1962 and 1996 before it became the wonderful bed and breakfast it is today!

There are at least two ghosts that are said to make their presence known here.  The first is Tress, a previous owner of the home who died in 1956.  Although unable to find any "Tress" in the state archives, I did find a Theresa Hogue, wife of James Hogue, who died in Pennsboro in 1956, but haven't been able to connect her to the house yet.  In any event, Tress is a nurturing presence, but she does have strong opinions about the inn's decor.  In one particular incident, she was responsible for pulling the purple candles out of their holders in the dining room and lying them on the table.  She is sometimes seen near the main staircase.

The second entity is a plumber named Rex who met his demise through a fall down the west wing stairs in 1952.  Rex stays away from the guest areas, so he is usually only experienced by staff, manifesting most often by causing ashtrays to explode and glasses to shatter.

WV Paranormal 57 has investigated this location, and has posted several pictures that they believe are paranormal, and most likely attributed to Rex.  Check out their website for more info!

Theresa's Note:  The majority of the information above has come from Haunted Inns of America, by Ghost Stalkers Terry L. Smith and Mark Jean.  A big thanks to these authors because there has been next to no information on Mystic Manor anywhere online!  I still can't find a photo of the exterior of this location, so if you have one you're willing to share, please contact me!

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  1. My friend mike lives there. He can tell u more than what is stated. I been there with my mother, at the time they was together. Alot of stuff happens there.

    1. Thanks for that information! If you have a way I can contact Mike or want to send him directly to me, you can find me on FB or email me at Thank you!


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