Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wayne County Weirdness

In June of 2011, Huntington Paranormal was contacted about investigating an undisclosed cemetery in Wayne County, West Virginia.  This particular cemetery, which dates back to the 1870s, had quite the eerie reputation.  In researching the location, we found that the legends surrounding this cemetery were well known to the local population.  Normally, HPIR doesn't do a lot of cemeteries or other outdoor locations because they aren't a controlled environment.  However, we were asked for help in solving this mystery, as the hauntings were getting to the point where staff were uneasy about being in the vicinity.  Wanting to offer any assistance we could to those who ask for help...and of course being intrigued ourselves with the abounding stories, we decided to take the case!

According to the caretaker and information found on various websites, we learned that when the moon is full, a headless apparition is seen walking through the cemetery.  In addition to this headless phantom, witnesses were also experiencing the phantom sounds of a horse and buggy, and several others claimed to have their name called by an unseen entity.*

During HPIR's investigation of this location, there were some interesting hits on the K-II meter that did not correspond with earlier baselines taken in the same area.  One area that got several hits that seemingly answered questions on command was the area where a Confederate soldier was buried.

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Photo above taken by, and property of, Melissa Stanley, HPIR Founder and President.

*(Side note:  Hearing your name being called when no one is there is a phenomena that is steeped in superstitious folklore, especially here in the heart of the Appalachians.  Some believe that if you hear your name called and no one is around, DO NOT answer back.  Answering will bring nothing but bad luck, and possibly be an omen of impending death.  Others simply believe that this is the voice of a spirit calling out to you--if you answer with something along the lines of "What in Jesus' name do you want?" the spirit or entity will have to tell you.  Importantly, if you're hearing your name being called while you're alseep, or in a transition in or out of sleep, you're most likely experiencing what is commonly called an auditory sleepstart...although my grandmother always used to tell me it was a sign that you had fallen too deeply into sleep and too close to death; the angels were simply calling you awake.)


  1. i heard my name in a voice that scared me while i was cooking i screamed and threw my pan and ran out of the house, also woke up saying leave me alone felt like someone was standing over me in my sleep and woke me i was living in my husbands house where his brother had shot and killed himself, his mother said while she was there she slpet in the room across from where her son died and would get woken up by hateful laughing, it was freaky living there...

    1. Creepy stories! Thank you for sharing those.

  2. What part of Wayne county was this?

    1. I'd prefer not to disclose where this particular cemetery is located, but if a motivated person wanted to do a search for the name on the tombstone pictured through Find-a-Grave, they might find a match *wink*


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