Friday, July 22, 2011

Book Review-White Things: WV's Weird White Monsters

Title: White Things: West Virginia's Weird White Monsters by Kurt McCoy

This book was the first of two books I picked up at this year's Mothman Festival (2010), and its one I had been wanting for a LONG time.  I first learned of White Things through the WVGhosts message board, where the author is known to roam from time to time--so it was a special treat getting to say "hi!" in person, and pick up an autographed copy of this book.

And...I definitely was NOT disappointed when I got it home and read it, cover to cover in a span of less than 48 hours, which wasn't the easiest task with a small baby and a new job, but I literally couldn't put it down. 

I like to fancy myself a connoisseur of regional paranormal literature, and have amassed quite the collection of books and articles. 

Unfortunately, a lot of that information tends to get repeated over and over quite a bit.  This book was different; although there were several instances that I was familiar with, there were plenty more cases of which I had little to no prior knowledge.  It was like discovering a whole new side of WV oddity!

Constantly throughout the book, however, I found myself realizing just HOW familiar I was with some of the discussion--because I had LIVED it!  With a background in the GHOST side of paranormal investigation and interest, there were plenty of old family stories and personal anecdotes that my perceptions classified with the ghosts...but through the reading, realized that I may have something completely different on my hands.

This book definitely inspired me to get busy documenting some of my own White Thing stories (the white mist that sometimes took on the form of a woman that family claimed was the cancer that would eventually take their lives, the large humanoid shaped white furry thing found in the woods in nearby Lawrence Co. Ohio, and of course the tales of the Albino Killer of Winfield!) before they are forgotten to time forever.

White Things is a must-read for ANY West Virginian, and especially those with an interest in the unknown and uncommon.  Two thumbs WAY up!

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