Friday, July 22, 2011

Book Review: Paranormal Chronicles

Title: Paranormal Chronicles: Tales of Humor, Satire, Horror, and the Absolutely Strange
Author: Neal Parks
Publisher Data: Copyright 2008
ISBN: 978-1-4357-5445-4

I picked up this book and met with its author, Neal Parks, at this year's Mothman Festival (2008).  Parks is a paranormal investigator out of Chillicothe, OH, and founder of Parks Paranormal Research and Investigations.

Therefore...I HAD to pick up a copy of this book!  As this is a self-published title, there are several format and grammatical issues that kicked my English major brain into overdrive, but nothing that would detract from the stories themselves. This book is a well-written, entertaining compendium of Parks' investigation experiences, personal anecdotes, and tales related to him by family.

Being from a nearby geographical locale, I am familiar with the bulk of locations addressed in the book, and have actually been to quite a few myself.   Several times I found myself nodding in agreement, or actually laughing out loud at as Parks described his encounters into the unknown.

I'd definitely recommend picking up this book, as its a great addition to any paranormal collection.  From seasoned investigator, to armchair researcher, everyone can find something of value, and enjoy seeing the process of paranormal investigation through Parks' eyes.  So please, support local authors, and support local paranormal investigators and pick this book up today!

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