Sunday, July 17, 2011

Theresa and the Haunted Gas Station!

In the fall of 2001, I worked my second job a Sandwich Artist for the newly opened Subway, located in the former Chevron gas station at the junction of Rt. 34 and old Rt. 35 (now 817) in Winfield.

First, there were little things happening that were kind of odd.  I'd be in the restaurant section, and see who I thought was one of the gas station employees coming around the corner.  I'd look again, and no one would be there.  When entering the cooler to restock or store meats, cheeses, and veggies, I'd often feel as if someone was pulling on my ponytail...right as I entered the cooler (which we actually shared with the gas station...our food was right beside where you opened up the doors to get your milk, lol).  It wasn't the tug of getting my hair caught on the door frame or something...although I certainly checked and ruled that out--it was more of a very sharp, deliberate tug.   In another incident, I returned after work to my locked car, parked right out front, only to find that although it was still locked, my seat had been pushed back ALL the way, and the radio, which was turned up as loud as it could go, was switched to a country station--something that I would NEVER have listened to.

Finally, one evening I had a very surreal experience that made me seek out the opinion of other employees.  I was at the large triple sink washing dishes one evening shortly before closing time.  I had my head bent down, concentrating on my work, when I felt someone come up behind me.  I could feel them pressing up against my back, breathing on my neck, and even SEE two male hands on either side of me, resting against the sink.  It was if someone had come up behind me and given me a bear hug.  I whipped around quickly to playfully smack the gas station employee who I thought was messing with me...and punched through thin air.  As I stood there dazed, I noticed the gas station employee standing at the register, waiting on a customer...

When I started inquiring into whether or not anyone else had similar experience, I learned that quite a few people had.  They'd often see the same man I was seeing walking around the corner.  Gas pumps would indicate that someone was trying to use them, but there would be no one in the lot or surrounding areas.  Other odd things would happen sporadically, but it seemed like most of the activity concentrated on the office area...located right beside where I had my experience with the sink, and on the other side of the cooler.

As to who the ghostly presence was, theories abounded.  It was suggested that it could either be the spirit of someone who once lived on the land where the gas station stood...but I personally believe it had more to do with one of several fatal traffic accidents that occurred at the junction in a short period of time.  Today, the building is sitting empty...perhaps one day someone will once again occupy the building and find out if our phantom friend is still harassing girls with long hair.


  1. Is this the building where there's now a new Giovanni's pizza? Interesting!

    1. Yup! That's the one! That is an excellent restaurant and everyone there is always extremely nice and polite, so I wish them well in their potential "ghost."

  2. Hello Theresa -

    I am a producer from a show called Paranormal Witness. I would be interested to hear more details about your story. If you are interested in speaking can you please email me at

    Thank you!

  3. that's so cool!