Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Book Review for Haunted Lewisburg West Virginia

Title: Haunted Lewisburg West Virginia
Authors: Nancy Richmond, Tammy Workman, and Misty Murray Walkup
Published: 2011
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Haunted Lewisburg is an awesome collection of ten haunted locations in Lewisburg, WV.  This historic town, voted the Coolest Small Town in America in 2011, may not cover many square miles, but its definitely packed with plenty of haunted buildings, cemeteries, and even streets.

This is actually the second book from the authors that I've read; back in 2012 I read and reviewed Ghosts of Greenbrier County which focused on the whole county where Lewisburg is located.  I thoroughly enjoyed that book, and was not disappointed with this one either.  In fact...I think I may like it even better!  Like Ghosts of Greenbrier County, Haunted Lewisburg was well-written and accentuated with beautiful, full-page color photos of the haunted locations.  However, while Ghosts of Greenbrier featured a variety of stories, both personal and public, Haunted Lewisburg really focused on ten locations that are easily accessible to the public, but also to paranormal investigators.  In fact, in some cases, the results of paranormal investigations of these locations are included.

I was also surprised that even though there are a few overlaps in locations between the two books, there wasn't an issue of repeated, copy-and-paste information that I've seen with other local authors.  Haunted Lewisburg really fleshed out the information behind these locations, and provided plenty of updated information on the hauntings.  My only problem was that this book was too short!

If you're looking for a quick read and are interested in the ghostly folklore of West Virginia, pick this book up today! It is another must-have for any tri-state paranormal investigator as well.

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