Sunday, January 4, 2015

Ghost Cakes

I absolutely love the blog, Cake Wrecks!  I have been following her for years and laughing until my insides hurt at all the photos of 'professional' cakes gone horribly, terribly wrong.  Amid the chaos, each Sunday is dedicated to beautifully awesome cakes that have gone absolutely right!

It's those Sunday Sweets, plus the fact that its one of HPIR's member's birthdays today (Happy Birthday, Kelly!) that inspired today's blog.  Up until a few years ago, my mom always ordered me a ghost/graveyard birthday cake and was always embarrassed to order from the Halloween section of the catalog in December. I had some nice cakes over the years, but I wish I would have had some of THESE!

Found on Tumblr, lisaslocket

Found on Pinterest

And...the cream of the crop!  This next one was baked and decorated by HPIR's own founder and president, Melissa Stanley, in celebration of HPIR's 8th anniversary!

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