Monday, March 5, 2012

Book Review for Ghosts of Greenbrier County

Title:  Ghosts of Greenbrier County
Authors:  Nancy Richmond, along with her daughters Tammy Workman and Misty Murray Walkup
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Ghosts of Greenbrier County was just what I needed this week:  a well-written, quick read focusing on some of the lesser known haunted areas of Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

Greenbrier County, especially the Lewisburg area, has a long and fascinating history.  The landscape is dotted with tragedy from two major American wars, as well as numerous mine disasters and attacks on early pioneers by Native Americans.  This history is discussed in opening chapters of the book, but written simply and concisely, so as to complement, not overly burden, the main focus of the book:  the haunted history!

Supernatural tales of a more personal nature, as well as those of local fame, are the focus of this slim volume, which offers full-page color photos on every even-numbered page.  Many of the places mentioned in this book, such as the Gen. Lewis Inn and the Old Stone Church Graveyard, have had a long reputation of being haunted and are open to the public.  Other tales are a little more sketchy on details of time and place, thus offering a quick tale experienced by an experience not likely to happen again.

However, both formats work together to bring a wonderful compendium of Greenbrier County lore to life.  This is another book that has a place of honor in my WV paranormal library.  It is a must-read for any investigator in the West Virginia area, as well as anyone traveling to Lewisburg looking for some interesting, off-beat ideas of where to stay and visit!

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