Thursday, March 22, 2012

Paddy's Irish Pub

The restaurant on 210 W. Liberty Street, Charles Town has seen many incarnations in its culinary history.  First, it was the Charles Washington Inn, named for the town's founder and brother to George Washington.  Later, it was known as C.W. Tiffins, Tiffins coming from the name of the man who originally built the brick building.  As of 2012, it is now known as Paddy's Irish Pub, after closing around 2009 as CW Tiffins.

Throughout these many reincarnations, I can't help but wonder if the resident ghost, Emily, is still making her presence known. 

This location first came to my attention several years ago when it was featured in the book A Guide to Haunted West Virginia, by Walter Gavenda and Michael T. Shoemaker.  In fact, a photograph of the restaurant and its ghostly girl is featured as the book's cover!

According to the authors, the former Charles Washington Inn has had a long history of paranormal activity.  Doors opening and closing, bud vases turning over, and lights turning on and off prompted owners to call in a psychic to investigate the possible haunting.  According to the investigation, the resident ghost of the restaurant was that of a 13 year old girl named Emily who died in a second floor room, known then as the "Pink Room."

Emily is said to be able to communicate with visitors and staff, by dimming the lights in response to hearing her name.  She also gave author Walter Gavenda a start by banging on the restroom wall while he was in there using the facilities.  It was only after driving on to their next destination, that they took a moment to take an outside photo of the building...and were astounded to see a ghostly female image in an upstairs room, looking out the window.

The photo above is the cover of the book, where Emily can allegedly be seen in the upper left-hand window.

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