Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Buffington House

Here's another fright-bite from Guyandotte.  For full information on this wonderful location, come check out one of HPIR's upcoming Haunted and Historic Guyandotte Tours!

Although the Buffington Family had been in the Guyandotte area since the late 1700s, the current Buffington House, once home to Thomas Buffington and his family, was probably built around 1816.  Thomas Buffington ran a ferry service across the Ohio and the Guyandotte Rivers, and was extremely instrumental in early politics of the Guyandotte area.  Under his tenure, the first Methodist church services in the area were held in his home, as well as many other public and political get-togethers.

After the Civil War, the McGinnis family occupied the home, and it continued in the family for many years.  Dr. McGinnis and his wife had several children, but unfortunately one little boy in particular was not destined to survive into adulthood.  Willie Wirt McGinnis was born in 1870.  He died of croup in the home on October 24, 1874 and the age of 4 years.

The Buffington House is one of the most popular stops on the Haunted and Historic Guyandotte Tours, hosted by Huntington Paranormal.  During our tours, we often have a re-enactor in period dress stationed at the home to talk to guests.  Nearly every time we've done this, the re-enactor and helper inside has had something happen to them!  Most notably, one year a re-enactor and his assistant had a piece of peppermint candy thrown at them...from around the corner!

Last year, some of our tour patrons even had a paranormal experience in the home!  While sitting in the dining room listening to our "Mrs. McGinnis," footsteps were heard coming from upstairs...heavy bootsteps on hardwood floor.  There was no one else in the house.

HPIR has been lucky enough to be granted permission to investigate this home several times, and we've never been disappointed.  It was during one of these investigations where we believe we possibly made contact with little Willie McGinnis.  An EVP was captured upstairs.  Most people who hear it hear the same thing: a young child saying "Mommy...I'm scared."  At the time, we were unaware of Willie's passing.  You can hear this heart-wrenching EVP at our site, listed below.

Huntington Paranormal's Buffington House Investigation 2010

Do YOU want a chance to investigate the Buffington House for yourself?  We are now offering a limited number of teams the opportunity to investigate this historic home!  Please see our website below for more information:

Buffington House Ghost Hunts

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  1. I possibly might be actually related to the McGinnis that lived in this home at one times. Not sure. My Grandfather was a McGinnis and his family traces back to this very town in West Virginia. I would love to come visit this home.

    Sandra Nobles