Saturday, December 31, 2011

Theresa's First eBook Review!

I got a Kindle for Christmas!  I have to admit, I was much more impressed than I originally thought I would be with a Kindle.  As a devout bibliophile, I enjoy the whole experience of book ownership--not just the reading itself.  However, I quickly learned that there are a TON of free paranormal books available...and a few that only cost a small amount. 

This first eBook review, however, will actually be a double concerning two books that I actually did purchase, from the same author.  Unfortunately, as impressed as I was with the Kindle itself, these two books were FAR from impressive.

Both books were by Jeffrey Fisher, and the first one was Haunted Charleston:  Famous Haunted Locations of Charleston, WV and I paid $2.99 for it.  I ordered this book in a giddy state, since I know Charleston quite well, and was hoping for some unknown new locations to research and possibly contact about an investigation.  Instead, what I found was an embarassment.  The first entry in the VERY short book was for a location that isn't even IN Charleston!  Well, to be fair, it was in Charleston, SOUTH CAROLINA!  Slightly perturbed, I continued reading, only to find few paragraphs worth of a few additional haunted locations.  At best, the information was incomplete; at worst, it was downright erroneous in many cases.  It was if the author simply cut and pasted from Shadowlands, then added in a few additional "facts" off the top of his head.

Unfortunately, I bought the second book before I had read the first.  This one, by the same author, I paid $4.99 for, and it was entitled Haunted West Virginia:  Haunted Locations of WV.  Again, a severe disappointment.  For the price, there were only a handful of sites listed, and little to no historical background.  This person does have a third book about WV out, and I'm tempted to purchase it just to see how it stacks up against these other two. 

I really hate to start off my first ebook review with such a negative experience, and I promise that in the near future, my reviews will be of a happier nature.  However, I cannot ethically recommend the above-mentioned books to ANYONE, lol.  This author literally has hundreds of similar titles, and all the customer reviews I found basically say the same thing as I did.  If you want to read about haunted locations in West Virginia, complete with ACCURATE historical information, look no further than Theresa's Haunted History of the Tri-State!

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