Friday, March 20, 2015

Book Review: Kentucky Book of the Dead

Title: Kentucky Book of the Dead
Author: Keven McQueen
Illustrator: Kyle McQueen
Published 2012 by History Press
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This is an awesome little book filled with interesting ghost stories, creepy burial customs, absurd tombstone epitaphs, and all manner of weird and unusual circumstances of death in Kentucky.  Thrown together in a fairly haphazard way (which the author fully takes credit for) this book is 141 pages of everything I love to read about!  Pulled straight from the pages of historic newspapers and other similar sources, many of the creepy tales and kooky tidbits aren't unnecessarily loaded down with a lot of boring detail---just enough information to whet your appetite and leave you guessing about the authenticity of the original publications.

It was a VERY quick read for me, and I loved the illustrations---they are that perfect combination of cute and creepy.  And, speaking of cute and creepy, this book does contain some rather tough subject matter such as embalming techniques and people dying in all sorts of strange and ironic ways.  However, I personally found nothing too gory or gross...just very, very interesting.

I'm slowly working on beefing up my paranormal library's Kentucky section and this little gem makes the perfect addition.  I've already planned several future blogs based on items mentioned in the book that I'll be researching a tad further!  If you're wanting a quick, spooky, and yes...even EDUCATIONAL read about the Bluegrass State, I suggest adding this one to YOUR library as well.

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