Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Book Review for Kentucky Spirits Undistilled

Title: Kentucky Spirits Undistilled
Author: Lisa Westmoreland-Doherty
Published: 2009 by Schiffer Publishing
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I purchased Kentucky Spirits Undistilled because I was in need of some inspiration; my Haunted Kentucky page has always been lacking WAY behind West Virginia's and even Ohio's...and I needed some ideas on wonderful Bluegrass haunts to further research and feature.  This book offered me just what I was looking for, and was a really fun read in the process!

Kentucky Spirits Undistilled isn't a long book, but its packed full with over a dozen haunted locations.  The author provides a wonderful mix of historic background information, current descriptions of the location and its alleged paranormal activity, and of course, her own adventures while visiting.  Where applicable, she's added photographs of her adventures, many of which allegedly contain proof of paranormal activity.

Many of the locations are from around Louisville, where the author lives, and I honestly had no idea that Louisville had so many interesting places...from graveyards to restaurants to everything in between, there's a ton of different places, many of which are open to the public to visit.  I was impressed by the fact that I had only previously been aware of 2-3 of the locations, making this a wonderful resource for new fodder on the Haunted Kentucky page...in fact, you might have already seen at least one places already featured!

Overall, this book was well-written and very entertaining!  The author states at the beginning that she's skeptical, and that she's approaching the book from a journalistic standpoint...not one of a paranormal investigator.  Despite this caveat, there are plenty of photos in the book that claim to show paranormal activity that a more die-hard investigator would quickly dismiss...and the author does relate more than a couple of tales of being quite frightened during her adventures by something she apparently doesn't believe in.  However, by the conclusion, she does admit that her mind might have changed, but just keep in mind that those in the field who are a little more based in science might not be impressed with the "evidence" of ghosts presented.  It's still a great book, and a wonderful addition to the local folklore collection!  I can't wait to track down a copy of her haunted Lexington book!

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