Tuesday, February 22, 2011

St. Joseph's Hospital, Parkersburg WV

St. Joseph's is West Virginia's second oldest Catholic hospital.  It was established in 1900 by the Sisters of St. Joseph, out of Wheeling, WV.  The sisters were asked to come to Parkersburg to set up the Catholic hospital by Father Hickey and Dr. John H. Kelley, of the St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church.

Five years later, the sisters had set up a nursing school in the hospital, and by 1930, the building had expanded into the facility seen in the photo above.

With its 109 year history, the hospital has picked up a few ghost stories.  The activity seems to concentrate on the 4-South section of the hospital, and usually at night.  Trash cans over turning seem to be the most common activity reported, but the occasional scream coming from an empty room is also reported.
Staff have also witnessed objects being thrown at them in the boiler room, electrical disturbances, and other various types of paranormal activity.


  1. I have been to the hospital numerious tims and have NEVER had any paranormal incounters of any kind

  2. I am currently working security at the hospital, you can sometimes hear a blood curdling scream of an infant in the old pediactrics unit. Also have seen a trash can turn over by itself in 4 south. Also hear footsteps sometimes when nobody else is there.

  3. While working today on the old special delivery unit on 5c, I felt as if someone walked through me.

    1. Yikes! I had an experience several years ago where I think I walked through the resident ghost that hangs out in my hallway. I don't know how to describe the feeling other than...like plasma? lol. It felt damp, but not wet, and somewhat electrical. It was cold, but not freezing.

  4. It was as if i bumped into something, a little electrical, and while it was passing through my body, it caused my back (which i have issues with) to tense up. But shortly after my experience, my back felt like a million bucks. I cant recall if it was cold or not, but every once in a while on 5c i will try talking to the entity and lights will flicker or one of the old intercom speakers will buzz at me. I would really like to have a conversation with this entity, but lack the skills neccesary.