Saturday, October 20, 2012

Berkeley County's Edgewood Manor

Today, Edgewood Manor is an attractive bed and breakfast owned by Barbara Bell, located along Rt. 11 in Berkley County.  It is a popular stop on Civil War History tours, but it also has a unique distinction:  In March of 2003 the WV Society of Ghost Hunters certified it as a haunted manor house.

Edgewood, also known as the John Boyd House, was built by General Elisha Boyd for his son, John.  It served as the manor home for a vast plantation, but the house truly gained its notoriety during the years of the Civil War.  One important event is that of Gen. J. Johnston Pettigrew's death.  In July of 1862, Pettigrew was shot by Union Cavalry near Falling Waters, and brought to the home.  He died in an upstairs bedroom on July 17th.  A massive monument to Pettigrew marks the entrance road to the home today.

Another interesting Civil War story involves John Boyd, Jr., who was serving the Confederacy in the South.  On a visit home, one of the Boyd family's slaves alerted Union troops that Boyd was at the house.  The troops raided the home, and found Boyd hiding in a closet upstairs.  He was taken prisoner, and ordered to be executed, but his life was spared at the last moment.

Details are sketchy as to just WHAT type of hauntings are said to occur in the old home, but other websites have noted that apparitions and strange noises are commonplace.  Perhaps Gen. Pettigrew still walks the upstairs bedroom where he took his last breath, refusing to give in to the Union.  Perhaps the emotion of John Boyd, Jr.'s capture left a lasting imprint of both sound and sight...waiting to be played again for those open to it?

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*Elisha Boyd, who built this home for his son, John, ALSO has a haunted home, still standing in the area!  Read about Boydville Mansion at Theresa's Haunted History!*

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