Monday, October 15, 2012

Theresa's Movie Challenge-Week 2

Another disappointing update...with my busy schedule, I only managed another meager THREE scary movies, but honestly, I had some better selections this week!

The first movie I watched was the original 1973 version of The Legend of Hell House.  Movies like this really make me think I was born in the wrong decade, as I love these old parapsychology based investigation movies, lol. This was a typical old-school week long investigation of a horrifically haunted house, implementing both science and psychics.  Quite interesting theories discussed, and honestly, I was quite amused to see that this movie does mention EMF as a by-product of a paranormal manifestation, lol.

My second selection was by accident...after I watched The Legend of Hell House, Netflix suggested I watch another 70s era film, Burnt Offerings.  While this film seemed to go on and on and on, it was really good...a house takes on a certain sentience as it rejuvenates itself with the help of a family on summer vacation.  A certain level of suspension of disbelief is needed, but that's normal for ANY horror film.

Lastly...I caught a movie that I had previously only seen bits and pieces of on SyFy.  It was Book of Blood.  It was actually quite an interesting concept, about souls of the dead entering our world at intersections, and was another movie that featured an in-depth paranormal investigation of an alleged haunted property.  One of the main themes of the movie was that the dead want their stories told, which fit right in with the theme of a blog I posted earlier in the month!  This was a little gross for my tastes, though, but I did chuckle a bit at the end.

Bonus Movies:  Aaron and I were in a Halloween mood the other day, and watched a few Halloween cartoons with Luke.  We watched the iconic It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!  and Disney's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  Luke loved them both, and really got into watching them.  Needless to say, I was quite pleased!

I'm hoping that this week will be more productive.  We've even planned a "date night" to go see one of the new movies coming out in theaters.  I'm leaning towards Sinister, but I still can't shake the urge to see Paranormal Activity 4.

Anyway...challenge total so far:  6

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