Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spring Grove Cemetery, Parkersburg

When one thinks of an historic and haunted cemetery in Parkersburg, WV, the mind tends to go straight to the ever-popular Riverview Cemetery.  With over 200 years of West Virginia history packed into its gates, complete with a myriad of legends and ghost tales to go along with it, Riverview Cemetery is rightfully and understandably a first priority for ghost seekers.

However, one cannot discount OTHER local cemeteries that have a history and story unique in their own way.  One such cemetery is the Spring Grove Cemetery, located on Sayre Avenue.  In some publications, this cemetery is simply referred to as the Sayre Avenue Colored Cemetery.

Spring Grove was originally part of a 17.5 acre parcel owned by D.R. Neal.  Neal sold the land in 1892 to Peter Brock and the Pond Run Cemetery Company for a price of $900.  This cemetery is the only in Parkersburg denoted as a Black only cemetery, and is still in use today under the operation of the Spring Grove Cemetery Association.  It is the final resting place of many of the area's prominent black citizens, including Civil War veterans, veterans of several foreign wars, and interestingly enough...descendents of slaves owned by Thomas Jefferson.

The cemetery may also be home to a ghost.  According to an entry on WVGhosts Haunted Places, this cemetery is known for an apparition of a large black man.  It is said that this man appears to and comes to the aid of ladies in distress.  No other details on this haunting have been uncovered, so if you have any information on these hauntings, please contact me at  Thanks!

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