Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Empty Glass

The Empty Glass is an allegedly haunted bar in Charleston, WV.  The main entity appears to be the ghost of a former bartender killed in a car crash who likes to play harmless pranks on staff and patrons.  One instance in particular involves a jukebox.  Apparently this bartender, while alive, enjoyed a particular brand of rock and roll. The bar was empty, but employees noticed a jukebox turned on, with songs selected that were some of the bartender's favorites.  As they went to unplug the jukebox, they saw a shadow of a man cross by.  

The second floor also seems to be active with entities who came WITH the building.  Disappearing objects and restroom doors that get stuck are just some of the occurrences that plague employees taking their break.

Info from: Susan Sheppard's Cry of the Banshee.

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